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Home Inspections

At Geo-Home Technicians, we believe it is important for our clients to understand the home inspection process. Geo-Home Technicians will conduct the home inspection alongside clients to answer any questions that may arise during the basement to roof inspection and assessment of the home.

Geo-Home Technicians believe in taking a systematic approach to the inspection process. A home inspection will evaluate the following major areas:


  • Ceiling, walls, and floors

  • Railings and stairways

  • Garage operators and doors

  • Windows and doors


  • Trim, flashing and wall covering

  • Drainage: downspouts and gutters

  • Visible facias from the ground, eaves, soffit

  • Drainage, grading and retaining walls

  • Carport and garage


  • Home’s overall foundation

  • Floor, wall, roof and ceiling structure

  • Basement


  • Service drops

  • Light fixtures and switches

  • Receptacles

  • Service Drops

  • Service entrance conductors and raceways

  • Conductors


  • Thermostat

  • Heating and cooling equipment

  • Vent and exhaust systems

  • Chimneys

  • Access panels

Home Inspection Pricing Information

It’s important to inspect a home before you invest it in. We’re here to help you protect your investment. Contact us for a quote or give us a call now 613-879-4663

Book a Home Inspection
Book a Home Inspection

Soil Testing

Testing the quality of soil of your construction site plays a huge factor in the success of your project. Soil testing can determine the characteristics of the soil, providing you with essential data for informed decision making before you break ground.

Why use soil testing?

Geo-Home’s soil testing service will examine the soil’s geotechnical and chemical properties to provide you with a complete understanding of the quality of soil your structure will stand on and enable you to:

  • Determine the compatibility of the soil and your construction project to ensure the soil can accommodate the structure

  • Determine the types of soil and location of soil on your site

  • Test your soil for density, strength, contamination, organics and sand content to tell you what impact they will play during your construction project

It’s important to complete soil testing before you begin construction. We’re here to help. Contact us for a quote or give us a call now 613-879-4663

Concrete Testing

Concrete testing is an essential role to ensure the strength and adaptability of built structures. Depending on client needs, our technicians can test your concrete in the following ways:

During installation:

  • Unit Weight

  • Concrete Slump Tests

  • Air Content Testing

Existing Concrete:

  • Destructive Concrete Testing

  • Schmidt Rebound Hammer

It’s important to perform concrete testing before building or remodelling. We’re here to help. Contact us for a quote or give us a call now 613-879-4663

Project Consulting

We provide project consulting to residential construction clients in need of support with budgeting, estimating, evaluating and monitoring services of your project. Geo-Home Technicians believe in creating successful relationships with clients and third-party firms to develop a plan that will deliver beyond your expectations.

Contact us for a quote or give us a call now 613-879-4663